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Warren County Beekeepers

The Warren County Beekeepers Association is a non-profit organization that meets monthly at the Warren County Extension Office. It is a rich source of beekeeping information. Many of the members have been keeping bees for many, many years. Harvesting the maximum honey is as much art as science, so being able to ask questions to these long-time beekeepers has enabled newer beekeepers to gain knowledge and confidence faster than they possibly could on their own.

The club's regular meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Warren County Extension Office at 5162 Russellville Road in Bowling Green.

The membership is a diverse cross section of men and women from all over the county. Most members produce honey, beeswax, pollen, and propolis for personal use and as gifts. A couple of members make a part of their income from the sale of these products. A few members keep bees just for the enjoyment of learning about and observing these fascinating social insects. We invite you to come check out the Warren County Beekeepers Association, and see if it is something that you would enjoy being a part of.


Contact: Kristin Hildabrand, Warren County Agent for Horticulture for more information at 270-842-1681 or at

Or you may contact our office for the current Warren Co. Beekeeper president's information. 

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