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Master Gardeners

What is a Master Gardener?

  • Someone interested in all aspects of gardening such asornamentals, fruits, vegetables, and more! Volunteer for the Cooperative Extension Service that teaches others how to garden! Trained by the UK Cooperative Extension Service!


What is the Master Gardener program?

  • 13 week training program on horticulture related topics such as lawn care,annuals, perennials, trees, insects, vegetables, plant pathology, pesticides andpesticide safety. Core curriculum: Cooperative Extension/ Volunteerism, Basic Botany, Soils and Fertility, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Pesticides and Pesticide Safety.

  • Master Gardeners are active throughout the US and Canada, over 40 Kentucky counties has active Master Gardeners.

  • Trained volunteers that assist County Extension Agents with educational programming.


How do I become a Certified Master Gardener?

  • Complete Class Training with at least 75% test score: Complete 30 hours of volunteer training hours after the first test.Complete 20 hours annually to maintain Master Gardener status. Volunteer activities can start once training begins. Volunteer activities must be approved by County Agent.


What is the Master Gardener Association?

  • The group plans, organizes and implements various gardening projects around the community and at the Warren Co. Extension Office.  The Master Gardener Association provides a social network for Master Gardeners to share ideas and experiences about gardening. 


How much does it cost?  

  • The cost is $125 per individual and $200 per couple if you share supplies during the course. This covers your manual and other materials.


Can I take the class and not volunteer?  

  • Yes, you can go through training without the volunteer portion.  You will not be certified and not an official Master Gardener!!

Master Gardener Class Schedule
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